Zoom Sofa Sessions

Since the Covid-19 pandemic enforced a countrywide lockdown in March and banned the gathering of groups including choirs, Roots Community Singers has held weekly 'practice' sessions from the comfort of their sofas!

Under instruction from Musical Director, Willow Songsmith and supported & assisted by his wife Rowan, the choir has attempted to keep up with learning new songs and revisiting old favourites - no easy task as it is basically singing in isolation.

All the Zoom sessions are available as learning aids and can be viewed at the following Youtube links.

Roots Community Singers
Some of us having a bit of fun with head gear during a recent Zoom practice session.


Roots Sofa Session - 13th April
https://youtu.be/RfqSJqUr_SY (Speaker View)
https://youtu.be/mkMJStdh1_4 (Gallery View)

Roots Sofa Session - 23rd March
https://youtu.be/oTBtVCo2wBQ (Speaker View)
https://youtu.be/kkHcjg9n4k8 (Gallery View)

Roots Sofa Session - 9th March
https://youtu.be/XwSJGuJg364 (Gallery View)
https://youtu.be/ogt6Qddg8MU (Speaker View)

Roots Sofa Session - 3rd March
https://youtu.be/gzjADm_tYvY (Speaker view)
https://youtu.be/5SOhCm5W1_Q (Gallery View)

Roots Sofa Session - 26th February
https://youtu.be/Y10QEhjr_IA (Gallery)
https://youtu.be/oWNaSdVgzmM (Speaker)

Roots Sofa Session - 19th February
https://youtu.be/nZIgfTtD6Jg (Speaker)
https://youtu.be/FXOgnflURc8 (Gallery)

Roots Valentine Social - 12th February

Roots Sofa Session - 9th February
https://youtu.be/mklGDUHluAo (Speaker)
https://youtu.be/Qq3nS2D2Xas (Gallery)

Roots Sofa Session - 2nd February
https://youtu.be/6lDWmc4KyAY (Speaker)
https://youtu.be/3E3I3NFGatk (Gallery)

Roots Sofa Session - 26th January
https://youtu.be/dGdXjslClD4 (Speaker)
https://youtu.be/RFfnSWzx4IU (Gallery)

Roots Sofa Session - 19th January

Roots Sofa Session - 12th January
https://youtu.be/klZtuAQ66js (Speaker)
https://youtu.be/85C5BBnVYWw (Gallery)

Roots Sofa Session -Christmas Concert
https://youtu.be/pnv_6AWzp0s - (Speaker View)
https://youtu.be/Awi3H5acwtY (Gallery View)

Roots Sofa Session - 14th December
https://youtu.be/MFrO6u_aaRw (Speaker View)
https://youtu.be/VetShVVuGgs (Gallery View)

Roosts Sofa Session - 7th December
https://youtu.be/zkpB53L-mIY (Speaker View)
https://youtu.be/WvIsctaLCso (Gallery View)

Roots Sofa Session - 1st December
https://youtu.be/xxBWejJ09Ok (Speaker View)

Roots Sofa Session - 24th November
https://youtu.be/uhWJI-b5SVo (Gallery View)

Roots Sofa Session - 17th November
https://youtu.be/2Zu3T5G0ae4 (Gallery View)
https://youtu.be/rNZ13Rq-HNA (Speaker View)

Roots Sofa Session - 10th November
https://youtu.be/-Z1usQK8ytA (Speaker View)

https://youtu.be/EGvIu7kCVjk (Gallery View)

Roots Sofa Session - 27th October
https://youtu.be/QNvSGURra1k (Gallery view)

https://youtu.be/OvYPB3NG8J8 (Speaker View)

Roots Sofa Session - 20th October

Roots Sofa Session - 13th October

https://youtu.be/MwSKXlWM1p0 Gallery view

Roots Sofa Session - 6th October
https://youtu.be/cfB18HnScuE (Speaker View)
https://youtu.be/fYS_yb3BsZM (Gallery View)

Roots Sofa Session - 29th September
https://youtu.be/RjWha0t7DOc (Speaker view).
https://youtu.be/3EtmykxVhNM (Gallery View)

Roots Sofa Session - 22nd September

Roots Sofa Session - 15th September

https://youtu.be/EQMp6QYLrgc (Gallery View)

https://youtu.be/aFWuouc1O7M (Speaker view)

Roots Sofa Session - 8th September

https://youtu.be/L-dUMtIeC_g (Gallery view)

https://youtu.be/-hUjleTTmlA (Speaker view)

Roots Sofa Session - 11th August

https://youtu.be/d5EKt675_w0 (Speaker view)

https://youtu.be/hP8Z2oVv4vc (Gallery View)

Roots Sofa Session - 4th August

https://youtu.be/Khmlhn2zl30 (Speaker view)

https://youtu.be/c1gUfMd4sPo (Gallery View)

Roots Sofa Session - 28th July

https://youtu.be/_WVyiHfc4T8 (Speaker View)

https://youtu.be/3m0ALIbMQZI (Gallery View)

Roots Sofa Session - 21st July

https://youtu.be/GBEOiHQwlJg  (Speaker View)

https://youtu.be/qTN3dmLk6gE (Gallery View)

Roots Sofa Session - 14th July

https://youtu.be/_ATS6IKNZMw (Gallery View)

https://youtu.be/tkBhT5fpLPM (Speaker View)

Roots Sofa Session - 7th July


Roots Sofa Session - 30th June

https://youtu.be/AdzOoBZ_O4s (Speaker View)

https://youtu.be/xGFHQXgakfY (Gallery View)

Roots Sofa Session - 23rd June

https://youtu.be/UlnwwtpVpZQ (Gallery View)

https://youtu.be/2_wEOOc-47I (Speaker View)

Roots Sofa Session - 16th June

https://youtu.be/LJa3qVdLUYE (Gallery View)

https://youtu.be/UZPEShiN4Jk (Speaker View)

Roots Sofa Session - 9th June

https://youtu.be/Sh-xjymOmZM - (Speaker View)

https://youtu.be/jqs_HCNXRHk - (Gallery View)

Roots Sofa Session - 2nd June

Roots Sofa Session - 26th May

Roots Sofa Session - 19th May


Roots Sofa Session - 12th May


Roots Sofa Session - 5th May


Roots Sofa Session - 28th April


Roots Sofa Session - 21st April


Roots Sofa Session - 14th April


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Roots Sofa Session - 23rd March


Roots Sofa Session - 31st March


Roots Sofa Session - 7th April