Thanks From Salvation Jane Reunited!

Salvation Jane Reunited who ran the bluegrass workshop and performed at The Big Summer Sing at Donington le Heath Manor House.

Having settled back into ‘Life after Tour’ we are keen to impress upon you our immense thanks -for everything!
From booking us sight unseen, to organizational issues such as promotion, travel directions and time estimates(!), billet accommodation….. the myriad of other issues big and small, we are very grateful to you all.
We were fortunate that 5 weeks together gave us ample time to learn new material and hone existing skills, and are delighted that we can capitalize on that for the three remaining performances that we have this year. 2013 has indeed been kind to us.
We are all very proud of the reception we received at Donington-Le Heath Manor, both for the Work Shop and the Concert. You would also know that we thoroughly enjoyed being entertained by the other Choirs at the evening performance.
Without seeming conceited, and in order to best utilize the positive comments that were made to us personally during the tour, we’ve decided to list some of them below.
Hopefully this will assist you- and any other Club organizers – in terms of reinforcing your faith in your choice of performers now, and in future.
For us, it reaffirmed that we LOVE what we do. The fact that others made particular reference to their enjoyment is definitely worth recording, and their comments will assist us in applying for festivals, clubs and other venues in future.
So, please pass on our personal thanks to all who assisted you in making our Tour possible, peruse the comments at your leisure, and feel free to add to them-or put a name to them!
Kindest regards,
Jenny Szery, Anna Fletcher, Rose Heystek, Tess Lewis and Penny Larkins – ‘Salvation Jane’!
…exceptional harmonies
…the talk of the festival –and in a great way!
…. refreshing sound, presented with energy and an obvious enjoyment of what they do
…. esoteric (?!)
…. amazing!
…. sensational
…. we’ll be telling everyone we can, to try and catch your performances –both in the UK and Australia.
…. 20 years since the last visit? Two years MAXIMUM before the next one please!!
After comments like this, STAY TUNED, it’s possible that 2015 may well see us back your way again!

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