Hooray For The CO-OP!

Co-op community fund

We're absolutely delighted to report that we have been accepted into the CO-OP community grant scheme, only one of three in our area.

The way this works is CO-OP members login into their CO-OP account, (or join if they don't have one), select our cause ... 'Roots Community Singers' and each time purchases are made 2p is added to our fund.

This may not seem very much, but the scheme runs for a whole year and the more people who select us as their cause the more our fund will build.

Currently we are fund raising to buy a second PA system which will complete our new sound equipment and allow us to perform out door concerts which will be of great benefit to the community.

To join the CO-OP and help us raise funds for our sound system which will help us to support our local community by performing at their events click here.

It costs £1 to become a member and after the sign up process you will get the opportunity to choose our cause, Roots Community Singers to support.

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