Our pre-Christmas sing outs proved to be hugely successful with some great feed back coming from our various audiences so well done everyone who took part and joined in with the various activities.
Swannington Windmill
Our festive voices got into gear at Swannington Windmill Victorian market when a small team of singers were asked to lead the community carols at this local landmark.
Thanks to Bill  Pemberton of Swannington Heritage Trust for supplying these photographs.
Swannington Mill Christmas Fayre
Hough Mill Victorian fayre
Staunton Harold Church
Probably our most nerve wracking experience since our formation and definitely the coldest!  The church was packed for a traditional service of lessons and carols. We were out in force for this one and stepped very ably up to the mark.  Although there are no photos, we did receive some lovely comments.  One of the visiting bell-ringers made a point of seeking us out, saying how much she had enjoyed our harmonies and particularly liked the fact we that we didn’t sing the usual Christmas renditions.
Newbold School Christmas Fayre
Eleven of us made this one which was a fun and relatively stress free afternoon which involved leading community carol singing.
Christmas Party
The Christmas party proved to be great fun with the whole choir singing its current repertoire plus almost all of us adding to the mix with individual or group performances of music, storytelling, (fantastic Rowan!) singing and even an attempt at morris dancing!  Many thanks to Hannah for organising a superb buffet.  Here’s some video!
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Solstice Walk
In spite of a dull afternoon, we did get a faint glimmer of sunset which we watched from a high point a mile or so from Ticknall.  The walk was about five miles passing by brooding Knowle Hill and the enigmatic Hangman’s stone.  Unbelievably we forgot to sing as the sun went down!
Winter Solstice Walk 2012
Pub Carol Tour
We were out in force for this one with sixteen members and several supporters visiting the local pubs singing and collecting on behalf of Hospice Hope. The Waggon & Horses, The King’s Arms and The Gelsmoore enjoyed the full force of our collective lungs, while the George was visited by a smaller group of eight.  This proved to be quite a mile stone for us as it was the first time we had attempted to sing in parts without the full choir.  By all accounts it went down very well and the singers involved were very pleased with their efforts.
Our tour finished at the Gelsmore where we enjoyed a festive buffet.  Many thanks to Vanessa who kept us in order and pitched the notes and to everyone who gave up their time to turn out on what proved to be a very, wet evening.  We raised £171.34 for Hospice Hope which has now been handed over to their Chairman.
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