A Revelling Good May Day!

Maypole and morris dancing, a very accomplished community choir singing a range of beautiful harmonies, great company and a delicious BBQ featuring locally sourced burgers … what’s not to like about May Day?
Alright the weather might have been a bit warmer, but it kept dry and a cheerful blaze held back the cold.

Once folk/rock band Calling Time got into their stride there was plenty of toe-tapping jigs and

reels to entice revellers onto the dance floor with some great individual performances coming from our ‘Open Micers’ which allowed the dancers to catch their breath and sample the wares coming from the tasty BBQ.
Roots Community Singers were in fine voice performing a mixed programme of upbeat and thoughtful seasonal songs set to sensitive harmonies and the newly formed, ad hoc morris side made a fair bash at local dance, Long Barrow in spite of the somewhat restricted space which resulted from more revellers turning up than expected.

There was also a famous Roots Community Choir Challenge! All the dancers were invited to create and wear a face mask which resulted in some very imaginative creations!

Here's some of the entrants ...

Chris Triffit won the adult section and Annie Smithard the children’s.

A great evening with summer well and truly welcomed in!

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